About Me

Matt James was drawn to Student Affairs even before his undergrad years.  He had his first encounter with the field during a summer program at his hometown university, when he met his first Resident Assistant.  From then on, Matt knew what he wanted to do as a supplement to his academic endeavors when he started college — become an RA.

Eight years after that summer program, with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling in hand, Student Affairs was still a part of Matt’s college experience.  After working throughout undergrad as an RA, then as part of the graduate staff during his Master’s pursuits, Matt had a choice to make.  He could continue toward his efforts in the mental health profession, or he could take the trail that he had cultivated since he first stepped foot on a college campus and start a career in Student Affairs.  Matt chose the second option, and it has only continued to pay dividends for him.

Since that time, Matt has worked professionally for three years as a Resident Director, working for universities and residential areas both big and small.  His passion and energy for working on college campuses as an educator for young men and women only continues to grow over time, and it has become a large part of the person and professional he is today.

Along with his current work as a Resident Director, Matt is a member of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA) and the Mid-Atlantic Association of College and University Housing Officers (MACUHO), the latter of which he operates as the co-chair for their Diversity Committee and as a guest writer for the committee’s blog.  His professional interests range from using his mental health background to work more holistically with college students, to working with technology/social media as platforms for assisting with the image and growth of Housing departments, professional networking, and job searching.  He encourages you to contact him if you have any questions related to incorporating mental health practices with higher education, resumes and cover letters, technology, or even just to drop a friendly note.

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